deluxe lighted tuxedo

This tuxedo jacket has over 300 white LEDs covering the front, back, and sleeves, with a higher density of lighting installed on the lapels. They are lit with a variety of patterns, including a steady glow, slow fading, and fast random flashing. The lights are a "cool white" color, causing the blue tint seen in the images.

two views of the front in moderate and dark lighting, back view in dark

front view in bright lighting, closeup of LEDs mounted in the lapels (3mm type)

additional views of the front and lapels

Movie files with sample animation: (will open in a new window)

Front view: Pattern 1 (slow), pattern 2 (medium), pattern 3 (fast)

Back view: Pattern 1 (slow), pattern 2 (medium), pattern 3 (fast)

Detailed view of animated lapels

how to order

We can add lights to all kinds of suit jackets, as shown by the examples on this page and in other parts of our online gallery. Suits with hundreds of individually mounted lights (such as this one) typically cost several thousand dollars.

If you're interested in having something similar made for you, please see our custom orders page for pricing guidelines or contact us for more information.

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