light-up shirt buttons

These shirts have buttonholes on each side of the front (like a tuxedo shirt). The shirt is fastened with a series of lighted button studs that are linked together by wires that are worn inside the shirt. The whole string of lights is removable, so the shirt can be washed by normal methods.

An LED in the center of each button glows and pulses in sequence with the other buttons, in a variety of pre-programmed patterns.

closeup of one button on a blue shirt,
silver shirt with white lights, animated view of same silver shirt in a dark room

Each button is shaped liked a tuxedo button stud, and is held in place by passing through two button holes (one on each side of the shirt).

side view of a button, removed from the shirt,
and view of the battery pack with Enlighted logo

A string of five buttons is powered by a 9V battery that can be hidden in a pants pocket. The lights will run for 24 hours or more (depending on battery quality) on a single battery.

blue metallic shirt with blue buttons, red metallic shirt with red buttons

black liquid-look shirt with white lighted buttons,
purple crushed velvet shirt with purple lighted buttons

These lights can also be added to other styles of button-down shirts, or any place where a garment may have a series of buttonholes.

how to order

We don't currently have any shirts with lighted buttons in stock, but you can have a string of buttons made-to-order to fit in a shirt you already have, and you can send the shirt to us to have it converted if it doesn't already have buttonholes on both sides (as a tuxedo shirt does). The cost is typically $200 and up for a custom string, including a driver with a variety of flashing patterns.

Please see our custom orders page for more information on how to order.

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