chrome suit

Here is a matching jacket and pants set with a flashy chrome look. This outfit was created especially for Naif, a live trance artist based in Las Vegas. In these images, he is performing at Club Ultra, at 4th & B, in San Diego, CA.

Naif wearing the chrome suit on stage

The base fabric is a shiny black polyester satin. Metallic trim is applied to the arms, legs, chest, and back of the jacket in a zig-zag pattern.

Several hundred super-bright white LEDs are mounted in black grommets throughout the outfit, and the zig-zag shapes are futher emphasized with glowing white EL wire outlines.

front and back views

laser show + wearable light show = wow!

We've made several light-up suits for Naif, as described on this page.

how to order

We do not keep outfits like this in stock - they are all custom-made to your specifications of size, color, lighting effects, etc...

If you'd like to enhance your own stage presence, please check our custom orders page for general pricing information, or contact us for more information about custom light-up clothing for DJs and other performers.

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