color changing logo

These lighted sweatshirts were commissioned as a gift for employees of the Color Kinetics corporation. Custom embroidery was used to create a sheer fabric panel over the lighted region, based on a digital scan of the logo. The non-lighted text was also created with custom embroidery.

The logo is visible as a white region when the internal lighting is not activated. When the sweatshirt is turned on, a slowly-changing blend of rainbow colors is produced.

two views of the logo as the color changes, video clip with sample color-changing animation

using our custom digital embroidery services,
we can produce multiple identical copies of the same design

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Whether you're selling a commercial product or seeking a new form of self-promotion, lighted clothing is a fun and fashionable way to increase the visibility of your brand, slogan, or cause. We offer a variety of methods for illuminating your name or logo, as shown on this page.

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