clear vinyl suit

Several hundred super-bright white, green, and blue LEDs are combined with clear vinyl and lenticular vinyl to create this stunning sound-reactive ensemble - a pair of pants and matching zip-front vest. The lights pulse and change color in response to the bass beat of the music.

This outfit was created especially for Naif, a live trance artist and producer. You may have seen him wearing it out on the town in Las Vegas, or at Club Velvet in San Diego, as shown below.

Naif on stage, full view of suit

detail of vest, pants animation

Quick-time movie to demonstrate music-reactivity (will open in a new window)
Clear vinyl demo (20 seconds, 880K file size)

Other suits made for Naif are described on this page.

how to order

We do not keep this type of outfit in stock, it would be custom-made to your specifications of size, color, light pattern, etc... If you are going to be wearing it in a warm environment, we recommend using a sheer fabric overlay instead of the vinyl shown here (which will tend to trap excess heat and moisture).

Please check our custom orders page, or contact us for more information about custom light-up clothing for DJs and other performers.

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