custom enlighted coats, jackets, cloaks, capes, etc ...

These examples illustrate some suggestions for lighting layouts in a variety of casual coats, jackets, cloaks, and capes. Formal suit jackets and tuxedos are discused on another page. We can install the lights on a coat that you provide, or we can supply the whole thing.

coat designs with individually mounted LEDs

The lights in these designs can be animated with custom twinkling patterns (including a steady glowing effect as one of the options). The connecting wires are concealed inside the lining of the coat.

coat designs with strings of LEDs

For designs that require closely-spaced lights arranged in lines or clusters, with a steady glowing effect, the illumination can be created with strings of LEDs.

coat designs with EL wire

EL wire is typically not as bright or durable as LED-based lighting, but it can be used on coats when uniform neon-like lines of light are desired. Please see this page for a discussion of the limitations of EL wire in certain types of installations.

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