design examples for various garment types

Here at Enlighted, we can install lights in just about any type of garment or accessory. With our guidance, the choice of foundation and lighting style can greatly enhance the appearance, wearability, and durability of the finished product. The following links provide examples and design guidelines for several types of clothing.


can you add lights to my favorite jacket/dress/hat/etc...?

In most cases, the answer will be yes. This approach is strongly recommended for items that require a good fit, so that you can verify that the size is correct before the lights are added.

We can install lights in almost any existing garment or accessory, whether it is purchased or handmade, new or used (as long as it's clean, please, and preferably NOT treated with fabric softener or perfume - we will not accept strongly-scented or soiled pieces of clothing). If you email a picture of the garment to us, with a description of the lighting effect you'd like, we can help to make some suggestions.

what kinds of fabrics and garments can you work with?

In general, it will look better if the lights are mounted in a fabric that can provide a reasonable amount of support. The electronic components that we use are not very heavy, but they can cause sagging or uneven hanging if the underlying fabric is too thin or stretchy.

It can also be difficult to work with stretch fabrics, because the electronics will need to be installed in a way that can accommodate the stretching, but without adding too much bulk. Tight, form-fitting pieces of clothing are challenging because they undergo a high degree of bending and stretching when they move with the body. Complex designs on tight clothing can require multiple fittings and adjustments, both before and after the lights are installed.

Depending on the type of lighting that you require, it might be necessary to build reinforced non-stretch regions in the places where lights are mounted. Or, the lights could be mounted in separate accessories that are worn over (or under) another piece of clothing.

can you make a replica of something in the gallery? or something similar?

It depends. We can usually make a new lighted garment that is similar to something shown on our gallery pages. However, in some cases the base garment may have been a one-of-a-kind item supplied by the client, or we may have an agreement to make a specific design exclusively for one client. This will be noted, where applicable, on the pages that describe these projects.

We prefer to use our archives of previous projects as examples of what is possible, and as general starting points for new designs. Like other forms of art, it is often impractical or impossible to make an "exact" copy of an original handmade design. We can achieve the same overall light density or dramatic effect, but the precise placement of lights might be adjusted for a different size or style of garment, for example. Other details might be altered to incorporate updated technologies, techniques, or materials. And, when possible, we like to let a design evolve and improve organically, as it is built.

If you're inquiring about a specific example on our site, please try to identify it with the name of the item, the page where you saw it, or a link to a picture, and it will help us to respond more quickly. This site is HUGE, and asking about "the jacket with the lights" doesn't narrow it down very much.

can you make something original, beyond what's shown on the site?

Yes - we are not limited to the pieces shown here, and we enjoy creating variations on these themes as well as completely new designs. Please send whatever description you have, including sketches or pictures of your ideas (or the base garments), and any information on budget, schedule, and other special features that might be needed. We'll be happy to make suggestions.

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