custom enlighted hats

These examples illustrate some suggestions for lighting layouts in hats and other headwear. We can install lights on a hat that you send to us, or in many cases we can supply the whole thing (at additional cost). Unless otherwise noted, the prices below refer to the cost of the lighting, not including the hat.

Batteries are typically located inside the hat, in a comfortable fabric pocket that is not noticeable when worn. Some hats may not provide enough space for a battery pack (especially if the design involves a lot of lighting). In these cases, we can build a battery pocket on the outside of the hat, or possibly run a wire to some other location on the body where the batteries are held.

hat designs with individually mounted LEDs

The lights in these designs can be animated with custom twinkling patterns (including a steady glowing effect as one of the options). The connecting wires will be concealed behind the hat band, or within some form of fabric or trim covering.

Approximate price ranges for past examples:



~$1000 and up

hat designs with strings of LEDs

For designs that require closely-spaced lights arranged in lines or clusters, with a steady glowing effect, the illumination can be created with strings of LEDs.

hat designs with EL wire

Approximate price ranges are shown below for some examples of previous hat projects with EL wire.


~$500 and up

hat designs with logos

We've installed logos and text on a variety of hats. Please see the guidelines on our lighted logos and text pages for more information about pricing for that part, or follow the links below for additional images from these past projects.

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