custom enlighted shirts

A heavier garment with a lining and pockets (like a jacket or vest) is usually better suited for concealing our custom electronics, but we can also install lights in shirts with a variety of fabric types, and we can add a lining and battery pocket as needed.

Sweatshirt-weight fabrics (like acrylic or cotton blend fleece) make a good foundation for many types of lighting Pullover shirts are recommended for designs that should not be split in the center front. We can work with hooded shirts, although the placement of lighting on the back might need to be lowered to avoid being blocked when the hood is down.

In general, t-shirts made of thinner fabrics are only recommended for designs where the lighting is confined to a reinforced region of the fabric, such as a logo on the center front or back. It is also important that the areas with electronics do not need to be stretched when the shirt is pulled on over your head, so a looser-fitting shirt and/or a v-neck collar is usually preferred.

We can also illuminate button-down shirts and blouses with permanently-installed lights, or with lighted buttons that can be removed before washing the shirt.

shirt designs with animated LEDs

The lights in these designs can be animated with custom twinkling patterns (including a steady glowing effect as one of the options).

shirt designs with logos

We've installed logos and text on a variety of shirts. Please see the guidelines on our lighted logos and text pages for more information about pricing for that part, or follow the links below for additional images from these past projects.

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