custom enlighted suit jackets and tuxedos

We can install lights on a suit that you send to us, or we can supply the whole thing (at additional cost). The prices below refer to the cost of the lighting, not including the base garment.

suit designs with individually mounted LEDs

The lights in these designs can be animated with custom twinkling patterns (including a steady glowing effect as one of the options). The connecting wires will be concealed inside the lining of the suit.

suit example #1a
25 individually mounted LEDs on collar, 10 on each cuff, can display multiple flashing patterns
45 lights total, $900
steady glowing lights sequential pattern with fade
fast flashing slow twinkling pattern

Examples of past projects that involve individually mounted LEDs:

up to 50 LEDs (<$1000 worth of lighting)

300-500 individually mounted LEDs ($5000+)


suit designs with logos and text

We've installed logos and text on a variety of suit jackets. Please see the guidelines on our lighted logos and text pages for more information about pricing for that part, or follow the links below for additional images from these past projects.

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