custom enlighted ties

These examples illustrate some suggestions for lighting layouts in bowties and standard dress ties. We can supply the tie, or we can also work with a tie that you send to us - for many designs, it will be necessary to use a pre-tied tie.

tie designs with individually mounted LEDs

The lights in these designs can be animated with custom twinkling patterns (including a steady glowing effect as one of the options). The connecting wires are concealed inside the tie.

tie designs with strings of LEDs

For designs that require closely-spaced lights arranged in lines or clusters, the illumination can also be created with strings of LEDs. The lights in these designs will have a steady glowing effect, or in some cases the lights can pulse in a pattern in which all of the lights fade up and down simultaneously. (sample video clip)

tie designs with EL wire

Designs with uniform lines of light can be created with EL wire.

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