el wire on clothing

In addition to our work with LEDs, Enlighted has used electroluminescent (EL) wire to illuminate many types of clothing. This page focuses on designs where the lines of light generally follow seams or other features of the garment. Please see our other page summarizing EL wire logos and text for that style of lighting.

The most practical (and durable) designs limit the EL wire to areas that do not flex repeatedly with body motion, such as the collar of a suit jacket.

Designs with continuous lines of wire on the front or sleeves may require special handling.

The most complex designs, with a dense covering of EL wire, may include many regions that flex when the clothes are worn. These pieces should be handled very carefully, and may not be suitable for some uses (like extreme dancing, acrobatics, and so on).

EL wire outlines on suit jackets and tuxedos

a single lime green outline around the entire collar, front view, in dim and bright lighting

white suit jacket with aqua EL trim, with triple stripe on lower edge of collar

black tuxedo jacket with two colors of EL outlines on collar (aqua and dark blue)

black vinyl trench coat with violet EL wire trim on outer edge of collar

leather vest with red EL wire accents

This piece (provided by a client) was decorated with red EL wire, following the seams in the shoulder area.

front view in dark and bright lighting

back view in dark and bright lighting

black jacket with red outlines

This basic black casual jacket was decorated with red EL wire outlines on the cuffs, collar, yoke, front zipper, and pockets.

front and back views in dim and moderate lighting

casual jacket with EL wire trim - more info here

a design with continuous lines of EL wire running down the front, sleeves, and around
the waist will be more fragile, and require special handling

translucent vinyl and fabric jackets with EL wire

We've designed a variety of jackets and vests that are made with EL wire sandwiched between two layers of fabric, with the light shining through a sheer outer layer.

white jacket with clear vinyl overlay, and approximately 40 feet of blue and white EL wire
embedded between the two layers

detail views of the front zipper and left sleeve

asymmetric (one-sleeved) jacket with side zipper and abstract design in
white, lime green, and dark green EL wire, about 40 feet total

purple velvet jacket with EL wire and LEDs

This purple velvet jacket was decorated with wavy patterns of purple, pink, aqua, and white EL wire. LEDs with matching colors were installed in the centers of the loops.

leather motorcycle jacket with EL wire

This leather jacket is covered with about 300 feet of EL wire! More information and images are available on this page.

EL wire suit with green and blue swirling design - more info here

this outfit uses several hundred feet of EL wire


how to order

We hope that this overview has helped to clarify some of the design issues that are important when installing EL wire on a coat or vest. Please see this page for more information and other limitations related to EL wire.

EL wire designs are priced based on the amount of wire being used, the complexity of the design, the method used to mount it on fabric, and whether you want a steady glowing effect or some sort of animated pattern. As a rough estimate, most projects will be in the range of $10 to $20 per foot of wire.

The simplest designs shown on this page (such as a single outline on a suit collar) would start around $300.

More elaborate designs, with lot of fine detail, would be in the range of $500-$1000 or more.

Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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