electra costumes for gypsy

Over the years, we have designed and produced many light-up costumes for stage productions of the musical Gypsy. During the performance, the script calls for the character Electra to illuminate her outfit (particularly her breasts), as she sings "You gotta get a gimmick."

Variations on the costume have included a matching light-up bra and panties, a bra and belt set, a one-piece camisole, and a variety of "showgirl" style costumes with elaborate feather trims and/or headpieces. In most cases, the base costume has been sent to Enlighted, and we have installed lights in the desired locations.

This version of Electra is based on a black sequined dress, long black gloves, and a tall feather headpiece, all decorated with yellow LED lighting.

full view of costume in bright and dim indoor lighting, closer view of lighted headpiece

front view of dress and gloves in bright and dim indoor lighting, closer view of sequins

switches mounted in fingertips of the right glove

This version of Electra has red and gold LEDs mounted in sequined appliques and in vivid red and gold feather boas trailing from the back of the costume.

front views of entire costume and torso

detailed views of lights in the appliques

additional views in bright and dim lighting

views of the back in bright and dark lighting, closeup of handheld switches (with separate buttons for different sections of the lights)

In this design, also used for Electra, pink EL wire hearts decorate the bra and a loincloth-type skirt (described further on this page of bras). The performer could control each side of the bra and the skirt separately.

views of lighted bra in bright and dim indoor lighting

detail of pink heart, full body view showing matching light-up bottoms

camisole-style Electra costume, detail of LED mounting

one example of an Enlighted Electra costume in use on stage (far left), another showgirl-style set

how to order

Electra costumes and other stagewear can be produced to your specifications, with LEDs, EL wire lighting, or a combination of the two types of electronics. For most of the examples shown above, we installed lights in costumes that were made elsewhere, so we are not able to make exact replicas.

If you are seeking a similar effect, we can install lights in existing costumes, or create an entire garment for you. Please see our custom orders page or contact us for more information. If you don't have time for a custom order, or are seeking a simpler solution, we also offer lighted bras on our ready-made orders page.

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