translucent jackets with EL wire

We've designed a variety of jackets and vests that are made with EL wire sandwiched between two layers of fabric, with the light shining through a sheer outer layer.

This white jacket has a clear vinyl overlay and swirls of blue and white EL wire embedded between the two layers, using a total of approximately 40 feet of wire.

detail views of the front zipper and left sleeve

This asymmetric (one-sleeved) jacket has a side zipper and abstract EL wire design in white, lime green, and dark green. It contains approximately 40 feet of EL wire.

The lights can have a steady glow, as shown above, or they can be animated, as shown in some of the examples below.

These jackets have a sheer fabric overlay made of white organza, and include a few twinkling LEDs in addition to the EL wire. Each of these designs contains about 20 feet of EL wire, divided into three lines that are animated separately.

front and back views of some clear EL wire jackets

close up views of EL wire underneath a white organza layer

more examples of EL wire jackets in bright and dim lighting

how to order

If you're eager to add some lighted wire to your wardrobe, we can help! Pricing starts at $10-20 per foot of EL wire, plus the cost of the basic garment (typically $300-500 and up for custom-made translucent jackets and vests).

Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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