EL wire suits with geometric outlines

These suits were made for a team of magicians/jugglers who perform their show on a dark stage, and wanted to illuminate themselves in a creative way. They selected plain black tracksuits as the foundations for their costumes, and commissioned us to install lighting that would be compatible with their act, in terms of flexibility, durability, and magical appearance.

front and side views of the suits in normal room lighting

As shown here, we recommended an approach where the lighting created a series of geometric outlines on the body, and where the EL wire would be subjected to a minimal amount of flexing when worn. We used reinforced fabric shapes, sewn to the suit, to help retain the shape of each outline. Gaps between these shapes were strategically matched to areas of the body that tend to flex the most, such as the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

Each full suit has the same arrangement of EL wire shapes, but one is constructed with aqua blue EL wire, and the other uses lime green.

views of the suits in complete darkness

additional views of each suit and jacket

closer views of the goggles, which plug into the back of each suit

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