motorcycle jacket with EL wire

This leather jacket is covered with about 300 feet of electroluminescent (EL) wire, following the natural stitching lines with stripes of pink, red, purple, blue and aqua.

The animation was designed to create a "breathing" effect with the colors changing gradually.

back views of the jacket

detailed views of the shoulder, front, and upper back

Quick-time demo of animation (will open in a new window)

ELmoto (9 seconds, 1MB file size)

This jacket appeared in the SIGGRAPH Cyberfashion Show in August 2004, as well as InStyle Magazine in November 2004.

Enlighted can also add EL wire to leather in simpler designs, as shown in this example with a single piece of red EL wire running up one sleeve, across the back, and down the other sleeve.

back view, detail view

how to order

While the visual effect of EL wire covering a garment can be stunning, we consider pieces like this to be wearable art, with an emphasis on the art, and not the wearability. EL wire is very fragile, and cannot withstand repeated flexing over a period of time.

If you require a garment that will allow greater body motion (for activities like dancing or motorcycle riding) and a longer working lifetime, we strongly recommend that the EL wire be restricted to smaller non-flexing regions, like a logo on the back. Another option would be to select a design with LED-based lighting, which is generally a lot more durable.

Please see this page for a detailed discussion about the limitations of EL wire, or see our custom orders page for more information about pricing and ordering.

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