enterprise tuxedo

This tuxedo jacket was created for an Enterprise car rental company event in Las Vegas. It includes lighted embroidered patches representing the corporate logo on the shoulders and back, and playing cards on the front pockets. The collar and cuffs are decorated with individual green LEDs mounted directly in the fabric.

front, back and side views of the tuxedo jacket in moderate lighting

closer view of lights on the collar (about 30 total), and full front view in a dark room

The logo on the back of the jacket is a custom embroidered patch that acts as a stencil. LED backlighting shines through areas that are made with sheer fabric, and opaque stitching defines the boundaries. White LEDs illuminate the portion inside the 'e', and green LEDs fill in the surrounding areas. On the front of the patch, the 'e' is also outlined with green EL wire.

During normal operation, all of the lights are used simultaneously, but the following pictures illustrate the contribution of each part.

patch in bright room lighting, patch in dark room with LEDs and EL illuminated

patch shown with only LEDs lit (left), and with only the EL outline lit (right)

All of the lighting is designed to produce a steady glowing effect, except for the white LEDs, which are animated as shown in this video clip. The patches on the shoulders are made by similar methods, but are only lit by EL wire outlines.

shoulder patch viewed in bright or dim ambient lighting

views of the embroidered playing cards, with white LED backlighting,
in bright and dim ambient lighting

how to order

Lighted suit jackets are made as custom orders, in your choice of size, color, and light arrangement. Other examples of lighted suits can be seen on this page.

Other methods for creating illuminated logos and text are described on this page.

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