events & press, 2000

CaliforniaMart LOOK Show

Los Angeles, CA

April 7-10, 2000

Featuring black flame jacket, velvet smoking jackets

Chandelier Show and Illuminated Fashion Show

Atlanta, GA

April 22, 2000

Presented by Eclectic Electric Gallery and Deux Plex

This show featured light-up halters, dresses, pants, velvet jackets, ties, and hats.

Burning Man

Black Rock City, NV

August 2000

Light-up nervous system and circulatory system created for the art theme of "the body"

ArtistDIRECT Ritual Events Clothing and Music Expo

San Francisco, CA, at the Fillmore Theater

November 2000

Chaos 3: Urban Luminescence

Atlanta, GA

November 11, 2000

Progressive Art Evening in the Downtown Fairlie-Poplar Historic District

backstage, before the show
beaded blue evening dress, with and without flash
light-up halter, halter with matching light-up pants
light-up bride and groom
electric cowgirls with light-up hat, bra, and belt
Thanks for all your help Kim! You can find all kinds of interesting light-up art in Kim's Eclectic Electric gallery in Atlanta.


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