fashion show / performance art event

Galerie D'Art International

Solana Beach, CA

September 16, 2004

Enlighted exhibited a variety of lighted clothing pieces on live models at the Galerie D'Art International, during "Cedros Gallery Night", when many of the galleries in the area stay open late for special events.

"bright models" was a theme that night

flame pants, flame bra, spiral bra

purple and white lighted bra with matching pants

light-up poi spinning performance

red corset dress with ruffled bra and twinkling skirt

leather vest with LEDs, group pose

the love goddess models future exotic wear

sit 'n stare panels as glowing animated wallpaper

"DO NOT" ... "LOOK" ... do not look where?

oh ... got it. definitely don't look there.
(but look here for more info on this "mixed messages" bra).


Galerie D'Art International is located at 320 South Cedros Ave, Suite 500, in Solana Beach CA 92075. Tel 858.793.0316.

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