illuminated art and fashion show

Trios Gallery

Solana Beach, CA

April 2007

Enlighted put on informal fashion shows at two opening parties for "The Art of Illumination" at the Trios Gallery in Solana Beach, using the gallery's employees and friends as volunteer models.

We also displayed some framed lighted art in the show, and a few lighted dresses and bras were hung as wall decorations. For more information about the show or the Trios Gallery, please see their site:

lighted bra and pants set, silver corset top with multi-colored lights

lighted bras with sheer tops, matching shoes

lighted faux fur scarf and hat, a few creative ways to wear the scarf

more menswear: a lighted tie, a purple velvet shirt with lighted buttons

group photos, including a lighted vest, lighted bra and scarf, and the snowball dress

outdoor entertainment provided by spinning lighted poi and an LED "fire" staff

Sheri (the owner of Trios) models the red corset dress, her sister models a lighted pink furry coat

Anja models the snowball dress next to the Sit 'n Stare panels (also by Enlighted)

additional views of the snowball dress

full version of the promotional flyer

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