flyerman suits, 2003

Two additional "Flyerman" suits were commissioned for use at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2003.

More information about his other suits can be found on the main Flyerman page.

smoking jacket with red lapels

This black smoking jacket has red velvet lapels, cuffs, and welt trim on the front pockets.

We selected a multi-color lighting design, with super-bright red, gold, and purple LEDs on the collar and cuffs. Red electroluminescent wire was also used to outline each red velvet section.

The name "FLYERMAN" is written with about 100 red LEDs on the back of the jacket.


front and back views of the black smoking jacket with red trim

Flyerman's high energy level is expressed well with his lighted suits

long black coat with blue lights

Flyerman selected this long coat by designer Yohji Yamamoto for another illumination project.

To complement the existing style of the jacket, we added rows of miniature white frosted LEDs along the outer edges of the lapels. Then, the rest of the lapels and collar were decorated with a scattered arrangement of two sizes of blue LEDs.

Again, the name "FLYERMAN" is spelled on the back with about 100 white superbright LEDs.


full length view of the coat, name on back

views of the illuminated Yohji Yamamoto coat in moderate light at a party, and with flash photographs

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