freek logo costume

Enlighted was commisioned to create this costume for a promotional event for a consumer beverage product. The jacket and side seams of the pants are decorated with green, purple, orange, and red LEDs. Illuminated logos (representing the flavor options) are attached to the back of the jacket and the upper portions of the pant legs.

The individual LEDs flash in a customized pattern, as shown in this sample video clip.

front and back view of the full suit in dim lighting

The logos are created with a stencil effect, using black vinyl as the outer layer, a translucent vinyl window, and diffused LED lighting shining from the interior of each patch. This allowed us to match to font and details of the graphics in the logo art that was provided.

'Freek' logo on back, detail view

front and back views of the pants

closer views of the logos on the legs

how to order

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence or add visibility to your promotional event. Please see our custom orders page for general pricing guidelines, or contact us for more information.

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