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Lately, here at Enlighted we've been making a lot of lighted gloves and hand-related accessories. Our lighted gloves have been worn on stage by Kanye West, R Kelly, Pink, and Brandon Boyd of Incubus, to name just a few examples. Please follow the links below for more information on any of these projects, or go to the page that summarizes the pricing options for the most popular styles.

kanye west gloves - more info here

gloves with ultra-bright palm lights, worn during the "Stronger" finale of his
2007-2008 Glow in the Dark tour

incubus gloves - more info here

gloves with ultra-bright lights on the palm and fingers, used on their 2007 Light Grenades Tour

r kelly gloves - more info here

gloves outlined with white LEDs, worn on his 2006 Light It Up Tour

pink's gloves - more info here

backs of hands covered with LEDs, ultra- bright lights on palms, created for the 2009 Funhouse Tour

jowell y randy gloves - more info here

gloves wth a grid of 9 blue LEDs on the back of each hand, sample video clip

gloves with blue LED spirals

These gloves have a spiral of blue LED strings on the back of the hand, illuminated with a steady glowing effect. They were created as part of a set with a matching tie and a pair of lighted sunglasses.

views of the gloves in bright and dark lighting, shown as part of a set

air guitar gloves - more info here

part of the lighted outfit created for air guitarist Randall "Big Rig" Layman

fingerless gloves with LED studs

These fingerless gloves feature two rows of LED studs on the back of the hand, and one high-wattage white LED on the palm.

front and back views of the glove

lighted "tiger claw" handpieces - more info here

create swirls of color with a pair of lighted rainbow tiger claws, also available in a black glove version

miniature palm light

These handpieces were designed for a beverage company, to make their drinks glow when they were being offered as samples in a dark club. Black elastic straps hold the electronics in place, and the light is emitted from a pair of blue and white LEDs in the palm.

front and back view of the hand and wrist strap

view of the strap with 9v battery holder, closer view of the LEDs

lighted evening gloves

And now, one of our earliest designs - elbow-length evening gloves decorated with minature multi-color LEDs (about 20 lights per glove). For the pair of black gloves shown below, the lights change colors as you move your arms around: green when they're up, and red when they're down.

one lit green, one lit red; both hands lit red

pastel purple gloves, blue vinyl dress

black light-up evening gloves as shown in the Californiamart Look Show, 1998;
pastel purple gloves with yellow and green lights were also shown

how to order

We don't carry lighted gloves in stock - all the photos on this page are examples of previous custom projects. Please see our page summarizing custom design options for gloves for more information about pricing.

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