50th annual grammy awards

kanye west and daft punk perform 'stronger'

Broadcast from the Staples Center
in Los Angeles, CA

February 10, 2008


Daft Punk made their first television appearance in the 14 year history of the band, as surprise guests with Kanye West, on the 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

framegrabs from the video


Video clip of the whole "Stronger" performance (Quicktime, 6.6 MB)

Video clip of the end portion where Daft Punk plays (Quicktime, 2.2 MB)

Kanye West performed his Grammy-winning "Stronger" on a futuristic set resembling an extraterrestrial landing site with a pyramid in the background. Towards the end of the song, near the 2:45 minute mark, the pyramid opens to reveal Daft Punk playing "Harder Better Faster Stronger", wearing their red lighted suits made by Enlighted.

In addition to the signature robot helmets and jackets (from the encore of the Alive 2007 tour), they wore matching lighted gloves, pants, and shoes that are partly visible when the cameras show the interior of the pyramid.

For this performance, Enlighted also installed aqua EL outlines on the violins that appear as floating instruments near the end of the song.

a violin with temporary EL wire outlines

photos from rehearsal

We were working backstage during the show, and were quite involved as creative consultants for the other portable lighting in the performance, but we did not make the glasses or jacket that Kanye wore during this particular show. For more information about the accessories that we have made for Kanye West, please see this page.

If you're looking for examples of lighted jacket designs that we've made in the past, please follow these links for animated LED grids, LED accents, and EL wire outlines, or browse through hundreds of examples by starting in our main gallery.

more photos from rehearsal

Additional screengrabs from the video:

how to order

These suits were custom made for the Daft Punk tour and WE WILL NOT MAKE OR SELL REPLICAS OF ANY PART OF THEM. Please don't ask for a suit with the "minimum amount of changes", we aren't interested in accepting orders like that, either.

While we recognize that imitation is often intended as a form of flattery, perhaps in this case it would be more appropriate to imitate their creativity, and be inspired to create a completely new design.

If you're interested in trying your own style of lighted clothing, with an original custom design, please see our custom orders page, or contact us for more information about lighted costumes for musicians and other performers.

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