lighted hair

As your illumination addiction grows (and it will), you may find yourself feeling that 'normal' lighted clothes just aren't enough for you anymore. You'll want to wear more lights, and you'll want them covering more parts of your body. Eventually, you'll even want to light up your hair. Good news! We can help.

lighted dreds - more info here

detachable braids with self-contained batteries, and glowing red LEDs at the ends

lighted cornrows

These lighted cornrows were made for R Kelly, as part of the invisible man costume that he used to make a grand entrance on his Light it Up tour (as explained here).

We experimented with a few styles of lighted hair, including rows of exposed LEDs (left) and LEDs embedded within tubing and wrapped with textured yarn (right).

Enlighted created several copies of each hairpiece (with several hundred LEDs in each)

all this hard work was rewarded with goofy dress-up play time!

you can achieve some really nice tracer effects by shaking a head full of lighted braids

pink wig with flashing rainbow lights

front, side, and back view of pink lighted wig (worn with a lighted bra)

simulated flashing patterns, see movie file for actual animation

giant red afro clown wig with flashing white lights - more info here

this red wig with flashing white lights was part of a Santa's helper costume

purple wig with flashing rainbow lights - more info here

front, side, and back views in bright lighting


how to order

We offer all kinds of flashy clothes that will enhance your stage presence. Please check our custom orders page, or contact us for more information.

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