lighted handbags

How do you accessorize a light-up halter, dress, or jacket? With a light-up purse, of course! Here are some examples of lighted handbags we've created in the past.

black bag with RGB LEDs and fiber optics

two views of a black purse with color changing LEDs and fiber optics added to the side panel

examples of other colors, which fade on and off at random intervals

Animated clips with the light colors changing: sample 1, sample 2

other custom lighted handbags

black purse with five white LED lights mounted in black grommets

shopping bag with randomly flashing gold and white LEDs mounted in the stars

Animated view of lights in the shopping bag: clip 1

original eclectic electric line of sound-reactive handbags

Before we adpoted the name Enlighted, we made a line of sound-reactive illuminated handbags, as shown here.

hexagonal purse and triangular pyramid purse, with lights inside a translucent vinyl panel, view of sample animation

pyramid and hexagon purses in a variety of colors: all have multi-color sound-reactive light panels

various light-up outfits matched with Enlighted handbags

We are not currently producing the original sound-reactive handbags, but continue to show them in our gallery as examples of our affinity for funky geometric shapes and bright colors.

"puffy" pyramid purses without lights

how to order

We accept orders for custom handbags, and in most cases can add lights to a purse that you supply. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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