lighted hats with EL wire

This page documents some examples of Enlighted hats with EL wire. In many cases, EL wire is better suited for a hat than for other types of clothing, provided that the lighting is installed on areas that will not flex repeatedly.

However, please note that the high-frequency driver required for EL illumination will produce a high-pitched whining sound. Some people find this sound annoying when it's mounted close to their ears. Others don't notice the sound at all, or are willing to suffer for fashion.

black hat with green EL wire outlines

In this example, a single strand of green EL wire outlines the hat band, bow, and upper part of the crown. The edge of the hat brim is outlined with a double strand of EL wire, for extra emphasis.

two views of a black hat with green EL wire outlines

another side view, front view of the hat in bright lighting

black hat with red EL wire outlines

This fedora-style hat has an angled brim that is turned up in back and down in front. It has been decorated with red EL wire outlines around the edge of the brim and hat band, including the bow.

side view of the hat in dark and moderate lighting

top views of the hat under a variety of angles and lighting conditions

lighted flame hat

side view and top view of hat with EL wire flame outlines and flickering red and gold LEDs

video clip with sample animation of the flickering

black hat with blue and green EL wire flame shapes

front view, top view with simulated animation, video clip with actual animation

additional views of the green, blue, and aqua EL wire pattern

front and top views of hat in bright lighting

cowboy hat with EL wire outlines

the top, hatband, and outer brim of this hat are illuminated by lime green EL wire

cowboy hat with EL wire swirl pattern

this hat is covered with about 50 feet of glowing aqua EL wire

white captain's hat with EL wire

front and back views of a captain's hat with a wild swirl of EL wire on the top and back

closer view of letter 'G' in multicolor LEDs on the front, detail on top of hat

black cap with EL wire spirals

how to order

We create custom made light-up hats, and will also add lights to a hat of your choice. Please see our custom orders page for more information.

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