lighted headwear

Enlighted has made a variety of crowns, helmets, wigs, masks, and other head-related accessories. Please see the descriptions below for more information. (some links will open new pages)

We have other pages on this site with summaries of lighted hats and lighted glasses and goggles.

lighted crowns - more information here

we've decorated a variety of crowns with LEDs and EL wire, as shown on this page

racing suit helmets - more info here

We made several types of lighted helmets for the Ferrari/Marlboro racing suit project. We started with a multi-purpose safety helmet or bike racing helmet, and attached stripes of EL wires in a flexible fabric panel attached to the helmet. In a later version of the design, the EL wire was glued directly to the helmet.

daft punk robot helmets - more info here

The helmets themselves were provided by the band (so we can't help you get one, sorry) - we added the red EL wire lighting.

other helmets

These helmets were worn by a variety of roller-blading superheroes:

helmet covered with black, gold, and red sequins and lighted logo for the Heat Wave costume

a spectacular red, white, and blue flashing sequined helmet, built for Mr 1776

black roller-blading helmet decorated with gold LEDs and EL wire, as part of the Burghman costume

lighted hair, wigs, and hairpieces - more info on this page

yes, that's what we said - lighted hair

lighted wrestling masks - more info on this page

if you're going to wear a wrestling mask, why not go all the way and light it up, too?

lighted ventilation mask

These masks were made for a special futuristic dance routine on the TV show Dancing With the Stars. The batteries and on/off switch are all contained within the mask.

front view of ventilation mask with white LED illumination

side view, closer view of two masks

how to order

If it's something you wear on your head, we can probably add lights to it. Please see our custom orders page for general pricing guidelines, or contact us for more information.

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