heart-shaped patch with LEDs

Do you want to wear your heart on your sleeve? ... or your chest? ... or your back? We've made several variations of lighted hearts over the years - here are some examples.

large heart patch with concentric beating pattern

Inspired by the beating heart on the chest of the illuminated circulatory system costume (see this page), this lighted heart patch offers a detachable version of the same effect. It is mounted on a flexible fabric base, and covered by a sheer red organza overlay.

two views of a heart-shaped patch, in moderate lighting

views of patch in dim lighting, including close-up

This heart patch can be attached to a shirt, jacket, or any other piece of clothing with pins, velcro, or hand sewing. The custom electronics are securely hidden inside the patch. Batteries can be self-contained within the patch, or a wire can run to a battery location elsewhere on the body.

The version shown here is about 8 inches wide, and has 90 red LEDs. A smaller version (about 5" wide) could be made with about 50 LEDs.

broken heart patch with custom embroidered overlay

Enlighted has created several versions of this patch for Kanye West. The top layer is a sheer red fabric, custom embroidered with red and black stitching. A cluster of red LEDs shines from within, with three user-selectable flashing patterns: steady glow, heartbeat, and strobe. (click on links for video files with sample animation)

views of the heart patch in bright ambient light, dim light, and with internal lights turned off

Kanye West wore this lighted heart patch on the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, when he performed his new song "Love Lockdown".

For more information about lighted clothing and accessories we've created for Mr. West, please see this page.

how to order

These lighted heart-shaped patches are available as custom orders. We do not carry them in stock, but we can make additional copies, or similar pieces if you'd like to change the color, style, or light placement. We can also create many other types of lighted patches, as described on this page.

Price estimates for the items described here (pricing and availability subject to change):
large (~8") heart with 90 animated LEDs: $1350
medium (~5") heart with 50 animated LEDs: $750

small (~3" to 4") broken heart with embroidered overlay: $650, includes multiple flashing options

General pricing information is also available on our custom orders page.

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