jumper stilts costumes

Just as it sounds, these costumes are worn by performers who dance and walk along parade routes on bouncy, jumping stilts. They needed an exciting, eye-catching solution that would also provide excellent durability, so they came to us.>

This set of shoulder/chest pads and matching belt are decorated with pieces of metal, mirrors, and feathers. They were sent to Enlighted for installation of the lighting - about 50 super-bright white LEDs programmed to blink on and off rapidly in a random flashing pattern.

closer views of the top half and chains on the shoulder

back view, animated

close-up of belt, and elastic pocket with velcro-closure to hold 9V battery on the inside of the belt (so it will not pop out while jumping)

full costume, as worn by a jumper stilt performer (before the lights were added)

how to order

We install lights in all kinds of costumes for performers. We can add lights to something you already have, or can create the entire garment to your specifications. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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