kanye west

Enlighted has created several lighted pieces for Kanye West. The lighted heart was worn at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, and the glasses and gloves were used on his 2007-2008 Glow in the Dark tour, among other apearances. If you're looking for information about Kanye's 2008 Grammy Award performance with Daft Punk (where we illuminated the violins and Daft Punk's robot suits with EL wire), please see this page.

lighted broken heart patch

This pulsing lighted patch with a broken heart shape was created specially for Kanye West, who wore it during his debut performance of "Love Lockdown" during the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

He is also wearing the lighted heart patch in these promotional shots (taken by Willy Vanderperre) for his new album, 808s & Heartbreak.

Please see this page for more information about lighted hearts, or this page for other types of lighted fabric patches.

lighted gloves

These gloves feature ultra-bright high wattage LEDs in the palms that act as flashlights, while concealing the battery and all other electronics for a magical effect.

views of the gloves in bright and dim light, closeup of the palm

a few screenshots of the gloves being worn during "Stronger", link to youtube video

We've made lighted gloves for a variety of performers - please see this page for other examples.

lighted glasses

These sunglasses have been retrofitted with a row of miniature red LEDs behind the dark plastic lenses. They can be lit with a steady glow, or with a side-to-side sequential pattern that reminds us of the ever-popular KITT from Knight Rider.

Kanye West wearing the lighted glasses at a special appearance

views of the glasses in moderate and dark room lighting, animated view, link to video clip

More information about the tour can be found on the artist's official site: http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/

Other examples of lighted glasses can be seen on this page.

how to order

Each of these pieces was handmade, as a custom order. We do not carry them in stock, but we can make additional copies, or similar pieces if you'd like to change the color, style, or light placement.

If you're interested in increasing your visibility on stage, please see our custom orders page, or contact us for more information about lighted costumes for musicians and other performers.

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