LEDs in leather

We've created a variety of leather (and leather-like) garments decorated with LED studs - here are some examples.

leather trench coat with over 300 blue LEDs - more info here

front and back views, close-up showing LED studs mounted in grommets

leather jacket with about 50 pink/purple LEDs - more info here

front, side, and back views

leather biker jacket with over 100 white LEDs - more info here

front, side, and back views

leather vest with LED studs - more info here

leather gloves and shoes - more info here

lighted gloves and shoe covers made for R Kelly's Mr Showbiz tour

lighted leather shorts - more info here

leather covered bra

full view and detailed view of the front - see other lighted bras on this page

how to order

Light-up leather jackets and other leather garments are available as custom orders, where we install lights according to your specifications.

Pricing is typically $10 per light for single color LEDs, plus the cost of the base garment. You can supply your own coat, vest, etc, or choose one from an online supplier such as leather.com. Garments with linings and pockets are preferred, but we can add those parts as needed, to conceal the wiring or hold batteries and switches.

Please see our custom orders pages for more information, and contact us for detailed pricing and availability.

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