suit jackets with LEDs

Enlighted has created LED designs on a variety of suits and tuxedo jackets. Some of the lights emit a steady glow, while others flash in a range of custom-designed fading patterns. The total number of lights varies from simple designs with a few twinkling accents, to moderate coverage with a few dozen lights, to dense coverage throughout the entire jacket (several hundred lights). Please see our page on custom suit orders for more information about pricing.

suit with blue LED outlines on collar and cuffs

front and closer view of lapels

tuxedo with embellished collar and cuffs

When this tuxedo was sent to us by a client, it was already decorated with studs around the outer edge of the collar. We added blue LED outlines on the inner and outer edges of the collar, and at the ends of the cuffs.

front and back views in bright and dark lighting

closer views of the collar

lighted suit jacket with over 500 blue LEDs - more info here

This men's suit jacket is decorated with over 500 blue LEDs arranged in a dense grid, with about 1" spacing between lights. The lights move in a downward fading pattern with a variety of speeds.

deluxe tuxedo jacket with over 300 LEDs - more info here

This tuxedo jacket has over 300 white LEDs covering the front, back, and sleeves, with a higher density of lighting installed on the lapels.

pinstriped suit with blue and green LEDs - more info here

This suit has a few hundred blue and green LEDs aligned with the stripes in the fabric.

tuxedo with red lighted collar, cuffs, and tails - more info here

This black tuxedo jacket with long tails is decorated with 40 bright red LEDs, with a spacing of about 2" between lights.

white tuxedo with red white and blue LEDs

This white suit and matching pants are decorated with a matching pattern of individually mounted LEDs that are animated in a sequential pattern. There are about 30 lights on the jacket, and 20 on the pants (10 per leg).

pops goes vegas lighted tuxedo jacket - more info here

A white tuxedo jacket with several hundred lights was created for the conductor of the Pops Goes Vegas show, a symphonic tribute to Las Vegas.

holiday tuxedo with christmas tree cuffs - more info here

Enlighted made this tuxedo for Chris Caffery, guitarist for the Trans Siberian Orchestra's holiday concert tour.

tuxedo with lighted dollar signs - more info here

This tuxedo is decorated with green and white LEDs and dollar signs on the jacket, and has matching lighted pants and a bowtie.

tuxedo with enterprise logo - more info here

This tuxedo has about 30 green lights around the collar, 10 lights per cuff, and several custom embroidered patches with backlighting on the shoulders, back, and front pockets.

how to order

Lighted suit jackets are made as custom orders, in your choice of size, color, and light arrangement. Pricing varies with the number of lights and the cost of the base garment, or you can provide the plain suit jacket yourself.

Please see our custom suit pages for specific pricing examples, or our custom orders pages for general information about our lighting options.

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