scrolling message hats

This hat displays scrolling messages on a flexible array of about 300 white LEDs mounted in a black knit fabric, and wired together by hand. All circuitry is concealed within the hat band, including the required 4-pack of AAA batteries and the on/off switch.

fully customizable, with "YOUR NAME HERE"

detailed view of 5-row grid, and the word "LIGHT"

Scrolling message hat worn by Ingo Maurer, as seen in the Design Issue of Paper Magazine.

Graphical patterns can also be programmed, such as the zig-zag pattern shown below.

zig-zag pattern shown in bright and dim lighting

promote your brand name!

Quicktime movies of animation, demonstrating the scrolling messages on this hat.

Smaller window (240x180 pixels, 584K file size)

Larger window (320x240 pixels, 1MB file size)

how to order

Although we have created a variety of scrolling message designs in the past, in this style and with block letters and flex circuits, we have discontinued these products to focus our attention on other methods for displaying logos and text, such as embroidered fabric-based displays.

Please see our custom logos page for more information about other methods for creating lighted text.

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