ventriloquist dummy with lighted clothing
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Now you can say you've seen it all, including light-up doll clothing! This ensemble was made for Enlighted enthusiast Jimmy of Toronto, who wanted his alter-ego to have clothes that matched his own flashy wardrobe. (more info here)

"Mini-Jim's" outfit includes a lime-green turtleneck, fuzzy blue vest with blue and white lights, sparkling pants with lighted fringe, and a miniature lighted championship wrestling belt (of course).

All of the electronics are joined together for a common battery pack and on/off switch in the dummy's back.

closer views of the vest, belt, and pants

Quicktime video with sample animation: clip 1 (5 MB)

We hear he's quite a party animal!

how to order

As you can see, we can make lighted clothes in all shapes and sizes. Please see our custom orders pages, or contact us for more information about unusual lighted garments.

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