Enlighted created this outfit for Mishon, a young R&B/hip hop vocalist who is also well known for his acting work on the TV show "Lincoln Heights" on ABC's Family Network.

These clothes were worn in the music video for "Excuse Me Mama," the debut track from his album "The Yearbook." Both the music video and a behind the scenes video are available on youtube.

The coat is a letterman-style jacket, with custom patches decorating the front, back, and sleeves. Enlighted installed lighting on the outside of the patches, using a combination of aqua EL wire and miniature white LEDs.

Some of the lights are illuminated with a steady glowing effect. Other parts of the design can be activated in flashing patterns, such as the LED outlines for 'Mishon'.

closer views of the outlined patches

front and back views in bright lighting

additional views in bright and moderate lighting

We also installed matching lighting on Mishon's shoes (you can see the reflection of the lights on the floor when he's dancing, towards the end of the video).

top and detailed views of the shoe lighting

More photos from behind the scenes at the video shoot:

how to order

Since this was a custom order, we do not carry these items in stock, but we can make something similar for you and light up the logos on your favorite jacket. Please see our custom orders pages for pricing guidelines, or contact us for more information.

Regarding the shoes: the lights on the soles were durable enough for temporary use while filming a music video, but this type of installation will not last for extended periods of walking or dancing, and we do not recommend them (or guarantee them) as a regular consumer product. Please see our page of lighted shoes for more information about other options.

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