naif's illuminated wardrobe

Naif is a live trance artist based in Las Vegas, who performs throughout the country with his light-themed clothing.

Here are images of a variety of outfits Enlighted has made for him over the years, with links to other pages with detailed descriptions of each.

yellow fire suit - more info here

This yellow jacket and pants are covered with flames, in the form of several hundred red, orange, and yellow LEDs.

clear vinyl music-reactive suit - more info here

Several hundred white, green, and blue LEDs are embedded within this vinyl suit. The lights pulse and change color in response to the bass beat of the music.

white vegas suit - more info here

This white suit is covered with rhinestones and about 400 blue, green, and orange LEDs. This suit was also seen on TV, when Naif was a contestant on MTV's "Say What? Karaoke".

chrome suit - more info here

Black with chrome zig-zags, with several hundred white LEDs and glowing white EL wire outlines.

applause meter jacket - more info here

Naif used this applause meter jacket to judge a DJ competition at Club Utopia in Las Vegas.

how to order

Please see our custom orders pages, or contact us for more information about lighted costumes for DJs, musicians, and other performers.

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