pesach tuxedo jacket

Enlighted added LED accents to two tuxedo jackets for the event 'Pesach with the Chevrah'. Both jackets had strings of blue LEDs outlining the outer edges of the collars. One jacket had matching lighting on the tails, and the other included a logo on the back with an LED border.

front and back views of the upper part of one tuxedo jacket

closer view ot the lapels with LED lighting on and off - note that the white connecting wires are partly concealed by a sheer black ribbon sewn over the electronics

front, side, and back views of a tuxedo with lighted tails

For the tuxedo with the logo on the back, the design was simplified by using LEDs for the border, but not the text. The text itself was created with glow-in-the-dark vinyl, which glowed brightly when it was worn during a performance on a UV-illuminated stage.

views of the logo in dim lighting, and with external UV illumination to activate the text

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