late night with conan o'brien

filmed on location in Toronto

Aired on NBC, February, 2004

Flyerman was not an "official" guest, but was seated in the audience in the balcony. He turned on his suit (with red flame-like lights) during Conan O'Brien's interview with Mike Myers, and attracted enough attention that they commented and turned the cameras on him.

[Excerpt from the show]

Myers: (pointing) There's a guy lit up!
O'Brien: Oh yeah ... OH he's lit up! Isn't that nice?
Myers: Yes ... and now he's on fire! (standing) Stay right there, sir!
O'Brien: Stay there! Don't get hurt!
Myers: It's the Flyerman!
O'Brien: And now he's being beaten by security.

a few screen shots

a glimpse of Flyerman in the balcony

Quicktime video from the show (55 sec, 1.1 MB file)

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