santa's helper suit

What does Santa's teenaged daughter wear when she goes out clubbing on the arctic tundra? Can you say "Ho Ho Ho!" Designed for warmth, comfort, and visibility, this kind of ensemble will make you the ultimate fantasy (and envy) of all the elves.

The bra has miniature red LEDs embedded in the white fur trim, fading in sequence, back and forth, until you're hypnotized. And what can we say about the fabulous party-afro? Wild! Amazing! How did you ever live without one? The flashing rate of the white LEDs is user-controlled, so you can choose between high energy and chill settings.

three views in darker lighting


Quicktime video samples of Miss Santa glamour in action:
Sample 1 (3.3 MB), Sample 2 (5.2 MB)

how to order

Every day can be a holiday when you wear lights! Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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