sit 'n stare light panels

In addition to light-up clothing, Enlighted also designs electronic light panels that create hypnotic patterns in response to music or other ambient sounds. We call these "Sit 'n Stare" because the swirling and pulsing colors are quite mesmerizing and irresistible.

The lights are arranged in a tiled geometric pattern to create dynamic spinning and cascading effects with subtle variations in the light animation. These patterns complement your music, and can match any mood by reacting in sync with a fast or slow beat. The patterns change frequently, and create a unique visual experience for each song and music style.

They are very simple to use: turn one on, play your music, and Sit 'n Stare. Each panel has a built-in microphone that picks up music and other surrounding noises, so no connection to your stereo is needed.

The Sit 'n Stare is packaged in a sleek frame with a plexiglas and lenticular vinyl faceplate. It can be used as a tabletop display, wall hanging, or stand-alone room partition. The panels are portable, and can be powered by batteries or plugged in with a wall outlet adapter.

The standard panel sizes are 6" square, 12" square, and a 48"x12" rectangle for large displays. Custom installations are also available, with dimensions in multiples of 6 inches.

Sit 'n Stare panels were used as stage lighting by DJ Kilmore of Incubus, while performing at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA (more info here)

as seen at a performance art exhibition in Solana Beach, CA

installation of eight standing panels (each is 12" wide by 48" tall)

12" square and 6" square panels

how to order

The original Sit 'n Stare panels are almost entirely sold out, although we might be convinced to part with one of our remaining sets of 48 inch tall panels. Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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