naif on mtv

In January of 2001, Naif (a lighted clothing enthusiast and Enlighted client) was a contestant on MTV's game show, "Say What? Karaoke" (SWK), where he wore his white Vegas suit.

Although the broadcast TV footage doesn't do the outfit justice (and the stage lighting wasn't designed for illuminated clothing), we include these pictures to show you how it helped to get the judges' attention!

scenes from Naif's performance of "Tearing up my heart" by NSYNC

judges Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel give Naif an 8, after seeing where he keeps his batteries (8 D cells!), and making a few jokes

"have fun with the strip search in the airport"

"don't jump in the pool!"

Tangie Miller gives Naif a 9, says she "is so impressed with the costume!"

Mystikal weighs in with a 7

not enough points to win, but a great performance

Other suits made for Naif are described on this page.

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