lighted tiger claws

These handpieces combine bouncy translucent tubes extending from each finger (the claws) with multi-colored LEDs mounted in the ends (the lights), so that they create gorgeous swirling patterns when you wave your hands around. The electronics are hidden within an orange and black striped faux fur covering (the tiger).

The rainbow lighted tiger claw design has been refined over the years by frequent Enlighted collaborator Brett Spivey. This version is optimized for comfort and durability - the lights can take a lot of abuse when you spin them around like this! The battery (a standrd 9V in most cases) is held in a pocket in the elastic wristband. The fur part rests on the back of the hand, secured with elastic loops around the thumb and little finger.

lighted rainbow tiger claws, viewed from several angles

generate swirling tracers by moving your hands around

We've also made glove-based versions of the tiger claws. We've omitted the tiger fur, but the lighting effects are the same.

rainbow non-tiger claw, glove version

a glimpse of nearly-still tiger claws, and some bright swirling designs


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