lighted vests

Enlighted has created all kinds of lighted vests, as shown in the examples below. Click on any thumbnail image to jump to that section (some links will go to other pages).

See my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest ... (sing along!)

vest with white LED outlines

This black vest with a high, rounded neckline was decorated with white LED strings around the edges of each front panel. In this example, the white wires between the lights are exposed, so that the lights are visible whether they are on of off.

side and front views under different lighting levels

view of vest with lights off, closer view of a string on and off

vest with blue LED diamond pattern

views of the vest in bright and dim lighting, closer view of the LEDs concealed beneath sheer black ribbons

vest with blue LED swirl pattern

views of the vest in bright, medum, and dim lighting

white vest with lighted neckline

front view of white tuxedo vest illuminated with white LED strings

closer views of the lights when off, and on (the white wires are hidden well on white fabric)

black vest with red stripes

This standard black tuxedo vest is illuminated by parallel stripes of red surface mount LEDs. The lights are partly concealed beneath a layer of sheer black fabric.

front and upper front views of the vest

closer views of the lights when off, and on

striped vest with red, white, and blue LEDs - more information here

this vest uses a combination of animated and steady-glowing stripes

clear vinyl vest with blue and white LEDs - more information here

front view in dark, moderate, and bright lighting

faux fur polka-dotted vests with LEDs - more information here

red and pink versions of our popular furry vest design

black vest with blue and green LEDs

black vest with blue and green lights in vertical rows (40 lights total)

black vinyl vest with flame style lighting

black vinyl vest with red and gold lights in flame pattern (30 lights total)

red vest with LEDs

red vest with red, green, and gold LEDs,
shown in bright and dim ambient lighting (10 lights total)

black leather vest with LEDs in grommets

The lights in this vest are mounted in a manner similar to our other leather garments, such as this biker jacket and this leather trench coat.

brown striped faux fur vest with red lights

vest in dark and moderate lighting

detailed views showing red miniature LEDs placed next to gold sequin trim

purple sequined vest with flashing RGB LEDs

three views of the vest in dark, moderate, and bright ambient lighting

video clip of the actual flashing animation of the color changing LEDs

disco vest with flashing stars

three views of the vest in dark, moderate, and bright ambient lighting

video clip of the flashing stars

lighted christmas vest

more information on this page

suit jacket lining and vest

This illuminated jacket and vest set was designed to produce the effect of glowing from within. It was commissioned by award-winning artist and lighting designer Ingo Maurer, to be worn to a variety of international exhibitions.

Ingo Maurer (center of left photo), modeling his Enlighted ensemble with a red and white lighted vest, and white lighted jacket lining. Previously, Ingo had relied on glow-sticks pinned to the inside of his coat when he wanted to light up (right photo).

The electric illuminated vest is covered with several hundred red and white LEDs that can be lit up separately.

vest illuminated with white lights only, or red and white combined;
close-up of vest control box

The removable jacket lining, shown below, can be taken out when the outer jacket is cleaned. It can also be pinned to the interior of other jackets.

white lights embedded in the lining of the jacket

scrolling message vest - more information here

this vest was part of the "Light Messages" collaboration with Ingo Maurer in 2002
(and is not available for sale)

how to order

We can add lights to all kinds of vests, whether you provide the base garment or have us design and sew the whole thing. If you're interested in having something similar made for you, please see our custom orders page.

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