lighted wedding cape

Enlighted was commissioned to illuminate the cape portion of a bridal outfit (it was photographed in our studio without the matching dress). The cape is made from several layers of beige organza with asymmetrical folds and draping. Warm white LEDs were embedded in one of the inner layers of the cape, creating a diffused effect within the folds.

The lights were animated with a soft twinkling pattern - see this link for a sample video clip.

back view in dark, moderate, and bright indoor lighting

side view in dark, moderate, and bright indoor lighting

The complete outfit was presented at a fashion competition for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), where it won first place in the Contemporary Dress Design category. It was co-designed by Christopher Kennedy,, and Susan Huey Oster,

some photos from the show
(taken with camera flashes, under bright spotlights, but hopefully you get the idea anyway)

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