white vegas suit

How can we describe this suit without saying "Vegas"? This matching shirt and pants set is covered with rhinestones and about 400 blue, green, and orange LEDs. The lights fade and pulse in a variety of pre-programmed patterns, as shown in the animated images below.

Enlighted created this outfit especially for Naif, a live trance artist, who is shown performing at club C2K at the Venetian, in Las Vegas.

Naif on keyboards, animated view of the suit

at the bar, welcome to Vegas

view under spotlight and dim light

Naif on drums, detailed view of back of shirt

Quick-time movies including live music (will open in a new window)
Keyboards (25 seconds, 776K file size)
Dancing (30 seconds, 812K file size)

This suit was also seen on TV, when Naif was a contestant on MTV's "Say What? Karaoke"

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