light-up wrestling belts

These light-up belts are truly fit for a champion. Champion of what - lights? parties? excitement? We'll let you decide that.

championship belt with rainbow lights

We begin with a high-quality heavy duty wrestling belt (these things weigh about 5 pounds!). Then, we add multicolor flashing LEDs which are embedded within decorative trim around the edges.

animated view of belt with rainbow lights

close-up of center of belt with rainbow lights

championship belt with red lights, shown in medium and dim lighting

expanded view of belt with red lights mounted in sequin strip around edge

animated view of belt with blue and white lights mounted in gold trim

high energy lighting

two views of a belt with blue and gold LEDs

sample video clip (3.3 MB) with animation for the belt shown above

wrestling belt with blue and gold EL wire trim, shown with lights on,
detail view, and with lights off

"king of the cage" belt with green sequins and green LEDs

animation and detailed views of the green belt

These belts were made for "Jimmy Light Show" - see examples of some of his other light-up clothes, and photos of the belts in action, on this page.

how to order

How have you managed to live without one of these for so long? Place your order for a light-up wrestling belt today! Or, make a statement by having lights installed in something just as special.

We don't make the belt itself - you'll need to provide that part (try a place like, for example). Then, the cost of electronics would be based on the number of lights that are added.

Please see our custom orders pages for more information.

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