x-men costumes

Although we specialize in lighted clothing, Enlighted has also created some specialty costumes without lights.

In this case, we were commissioned to produce bodysuits and accessories for all of the heroes and villains in the X-MEN Ultimate Picture Book, which features live-action photos of actors combined with special effects graphics.

This book is designed to get kids' attention with cinematic-style imagery, and is part of the "stealth literacy" series from Big Guy Books.

Enlighted created costumes for Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Collossus, and Beast, as shown in this sample photo from the book. Most of these bodysuits were constructed from high-quality 4-way stretch black PVC in a matte or glossy finish.

artist's concept sketch for Storm, photo of actor in costume taking a break from shooting

artist's concept sketch for Quicksilver, the actor in costume,
and Quicksilver as seen in the book (with the Scarlet Witch)

Wolverine costume, close-up view of utility belt

Jean Grey in costume on the set, an as appearing in the book

more sample photos from the book

Marvel and all related characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are trademark(s) of Marvel Characters, Inc., and are used with permission. Copyright 2002 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.

how to order

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT accepting orders for X-Men costumes, and we do not have any additional copies of any of the accessories for these costumes, such as the Cyclops visor or the Wolverine claws. We've kept this page on our site as an example of our high-quality workmanship.

Due to high demand for Enlighted illuminated clothing and costumes (the main focus of our business), we are no longer accepting orders for custom sewing projects that do not involve lighting.

If you're looking for a full-body superhero (or villain) costume with lighting added to the design, please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your inquiry:

These are not mass-produced costumes, and this is reflected in our prices. We do not have any superhero costumes in stock, and any new versions would have to be made as custom orders.

For skin-tight designs such as those shown on this page, it is strongly recommended that the client (or wearer) be available for live fittings at our studio (in the San Diego area), or provide travel for us to come to your location.

The cost of a deluxe full-body costume depends on the degree of detail in the design, the cost of materials used, and whether or not additional accessories are needed, such as gloves, boots, belts or other custom-made pieces. An approximate starting price range of $2000 to $3000 would apply to most designs, with spandex-type materials at the lower end, and shiny stretch vinyl and leather at the higher end. This would be the base price for the custom sewing, and would not include the cost of adding electronic lighting.

Please see our custom orders page for more information about custom lighted garments.

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