Ashraf Coat 2021

This custom Enlighted suit jacket is decorated with a dense grid of about 1000 cool white LEDs covering the front, back, arms, and collar.  The LED lenses are exposed on the outside of the coat, and the wiring is concealed between the lining and the outer coat fabric, a shiny black denim. The name 'Ashraf' is also illuminated on the back, with LED backlighting behind sheer embroidered block letters. The spacing between the LEDs is about 2" on most parts of the body, and the line of lights around the outer edges and collar are 1" apart. The lights are animated with a few different speeds of downward chasing patterns, and also has a steady glowing setting.

Our client for this project was Ashraf Habibulah, CEO of Computers and Structures, Inc.  He wears these pieces for a variety of parties and speaking engagements, some of which can be seen on his YouTube channel


The clip below shows some of the animation patterns for this suit jacket, viewed from the front and the back.