Bell Biv DeVoe

Enlighted was commissioned to add lighting to these jackets for Bell Biv DeVoe, who performed several of their classic hits on the New Edition Legacy Tour of 2023.

We created stripes running down the sleeves, a BBD logo on the front, and a larger Bell Biv DeVoe logo on the back of each jacket. All of the glowing parts were built as sheer windows in the fabric, backlit by flexible assemblies of LEDs aligned behind the windows, and covered with a diffusing material.

The lights are animated in a series of custom modes that can be selected with a manual switch mounted in the hem near the right hip. The list includes red, red/white, green, green/white, blue, and blue/white, with several types of chasing patterns so that the band has the option of changing the colors for each show.


The clip below shows some of the animation patterns.